29th June 2012


Natural treatment hives

Are you looking for ways to cure your infertility? Well the good news is that you can curing infertility. It will take time and dedication though. In this article I will list some things that you must take into consideration to cure your infertility. Curing infertility Must 1 Clean Up Your Lifestyle

Some things that are important to your fertility are how many hours of sleep you get a night (around 8), that you stop smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking can both cause infertility and are to be avoided. Yes I completely understand that infertility is an extremely stressful time, but start meditating. Stress can lead to infertility, but meditation will help your body to relieve stress and anxiety. Curing infertility Must 2 Clean Up Your Eating Habits As mentioned, somethings that you absolutely need to stop consuming are alcohol and cigarettes. But caffeine, sugar, artificial sugar, food coloring, MSG, preservatives and more should also be avoided. Replace your daily cup of coffee with herbal non-caffeinated tea. Sugar can cause serious health problems such as Candidiasis in both women and men which can lead to infertility. Avoid eating fast and processed foods as much as possible. And always read the ingredients labels when you are at the grocery store. As a general rule of thumb don’t buy anything with food colorings, anything artificial, MSG, sugar or anything that you cannot pronounce.

Curing infertility Must 3 Detoxification One of the most important parts of Curing infertility is detoxifying your body. Detoxifying your body will help it to get rid of harmful toxins, old feces, parasites, heavy metals and more. If you aren’t haven’t at least one bowel movement a day, make sure you do a colon cleanse. Curing infertility Must 4 Stop All Drugs and Supplements If you are currently taking any prescription or non-prescription drugs. Please stop. These can have stimulating effects on the uterus and cause miscarriages. Even fertility drugs such as Clomid can cause ectopic pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies are pregnancies that occur in the fallopian tubes rather than the uterus and must be terminated.

A curing infertility Must5 Eat A Fertility Diet A fertility diet from my experience is one that is rich in raw organic fruits and vegetables. Pesticides can cause both male and female infertility and should be avoided. Eat organics whenever you can. Cooking also destroys valuable enzymes, trace minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and more. Avoid eating meat, poultry, dairy products, and seafood as it can contain hormones, heavy metals, and parasites.

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